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50 Harvard Free Online Courses 2023

Getting a certificate from Harvard is not as hard as it’s been made to seem, as a matter of fact this special list of 50 Harvard free online courses you can study now on EDX or Harvard Business School, provides you the opportunity to study at this prestigious university, without paying a dime.

If you have ever wanted to take a course at Harvard, but couldn’t because of how expensive their tuition fee is or weren't sure which subject to take, then keep reading below to find out which Harvard free online courses made it to our list, and in what disciplines.


  • What is an MOOC: with example
  • Harvard programming course
  • Free law courses online Harvard
  • Harvard medical school free online courses
  • Free online business courses Harvard
  • Free online art history courses
  • Free online finance courses Harvard
  • Harvard Business School online free
  • Harvard free coding class
  • Harvard happiness course free
  • Harvard free Math courses
  • Free online economics courses from Harvard
  • Data Science free online course by Harvard University
  • Harvard computer science free course
  • Free online statistics course Harvard
  • Free online leadership courses By Harvard

What is an MOOC: with example

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are a series of free online courses that provide affordable and flexible ways for interested individuals to enroll in them. They are usually supported by institutions like Harvard University, who use them as a medium to share some of their programs with non Harvard students.

With MOOC, students from around the world can learn new skills for various purposes or lifelong learning or corporate e-learning and training by taking advantage of these Harvard free courses.

Example of MOOC

An example of MOOC Harvard University is the popular online learning platform EDX. Here, you can learn a variety of subjects from Harvard MOOC free, taught by top professors from the university.

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