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2 Year Nursing Program in Canada for International Students 2024

Are you an international student looking to study nursing in Canada and you are working with a timeline or you're looking to further your education? A 2 year nursing program in Canada here is a great choice. This article talks about the essentials you need to know as an international student to enter into the 2 year nursing program. 

Pursuing a career in Nursing is one of the smartest decisions to take if you're in the healthcare sector.. Not only does it guarantee lucrativity, it provides meaningful work, career growth opportunities, job stability with diverse specialty options. The reasons are numerous! It is in fact a great deal to be a nurse. To look back through the years of your career and feel wholesome and accomplished, finding peace in your service.

A nursing program in Canada sets you up to become a globally recognized medical practitioner, boosts your job opportunities, a broad range of positions in the field and also provides good working conditions.

Table of Content

1. 3 reasons why you should study nursing in Canada

2. Qualifications for Nursing programs 

3. Subjects covered in Nursing courses 

4. Top University that offer Nursing Programs in Canada and their locations

5. Admissions into Top Universities and their eligibility criteria

6. Career prospects

3 Reasons Why You should study Nursing in Canada

Nursing is one of the highest paying and sought-after careers in Canada and in the world. Canada is also home to many top universities that offer outstanding nursing programs, providing students with quality education and opportunities for professional growth in the field of nursing. In Canada your path to becoming a registered nurse is supported every step of the way. Below are a few reasons why you should study nursing in Canada; 

1 . Clinical Experience

Nursing requires clinical experience. It is the bread and butter of your nursing education. Programs in Canada provide access to extensive hands-on clinical experience in hospitals and community agencies. This is because clinicals give you experience, teach teamwork, cement knowledge, help network and expose you to a nursing career, facilitating the transition from student to professional, working nurse.

2. Word Class Recognition

Back in May 2021, the government of Canada officially provided internationally trained nurses global recognition of their foreign credentials. This means that a qualification from most nursing schools in Canada will enable you to work from anywhere in the world in your desired field. This provides the students with a secure career. 

3. Networking

During your period of education you will have many opportunities to interact with students and faculty from a wide variety of disciplines such as dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, sociology, clinical psychology, physiotherapy, nutrition, veterinary medicine and kinesiology. It is relevant to build relationships with individuals who will be working in other health science professions. 

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