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19 Cheapest Countries for MBBS 2023-2024

Do you want to study MBBS but can't afford how expensive medical schools are? These 19 cheapest countries for MBBS 2023-2024, details the most affordable countries from around the world to get a Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Medicine degree, without you needing to spread yourself thin with payments.

As you keep reading, you will find a directory of the select cheapest countries for MBBS, as well as a list of the top medical schools in each of the countries, where you can get a quality training in the field of medicine, while paying little tuition fee.

In this article:

1. 6 reasons why you should study an MBBS

2. Table showing the 19 cheapest countries for MBBS 2023-2024

3. 19 cheapest countries for MBBS

4. Conclusion

6 Reasons Why You Should Study An MBBS

Medicine is one of the most essential and noble courses anybody can study, and if you are considering following this path, below are 6 reasons why you should study an MBBS.

 1. Various Career Opportunities 

Medicine has more than 60 specialities you can select from, and each of them opens you up to a new career opportunity you can take up after you graduate. 

You could work in the hospital, a research lab, with a sports team or in economic sectors or legal work to rectify medical errors and defend patients' rights. As long as society needs good doctors, you will always have a job.

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