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15 Masters Degrees That Pay The Most

Your education level can significantly impact your career options and earning potential. College graduates with bachelor’s degrees can typically secure higher-paying jobs than high school graduates. The same is true for people with master’s degrees. Learn about some of the highest-paying master’s degrees to find out if going to graduate school could benefit your career.


What Is A Master’s Degree?

A master’s degree is an advanced degree in a specialized field that you can earn after an undergraduate degree. Examples of these include a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Public Administration, and a Master of Laws.

Some students transition straight from undergraduate to graduate school because they know their target career path requires a master’s degree and specialized skills. Others return to school after several years in the workforce to further their knowledge and earning potential. On average, it takes two to three years to complete most master’s degree programs.

A master’s degree may provide you with better job prospects, more career responsibilities, and a higher salary. You might need one to advance past a certain point in your career, particularly if your goal is a senior leadership position.

The average master’s degree takes full-time learners 1.5–2 years to complete. Part-time learners may need three or more years to earn a degree. Programs that include additional graduation requirements, such as action research or a thesis, may take longer than two years. Many of the best master’s programs offer an accelerated option for learners who do not have other responsibilities.

One reason a professional earns a master’s degree involves increased salary potential. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), the average worker with a master’s degree earns approximately $250 more per week than a worker with a bachelor’s degree. Professionals with a master’s degree also enjoy a lower unemployment rate.

The most valuable master’s degrees have become more popular over the past few years, especially with the increasing number of racial or cultural minorities. This popularity stems from the growth of online learning, which provides tremendous flexibility for working students.


Below Are The 15 Master’s Degrees That Pay The Most:

1. Information Systems

The best master’s degrees in information systems feature a customizable curriculum that confers an MBA but emphasizes industry-leading business intelligence software. On the job, computer and information systems managers determine their employer’s computer needs, ensure network security, and direct other IT professionals. They also work with technology vendors to attain the best price. Additionally, they stay current on the latest technology trends by performing original research and networking with peers.

  • Median Salary: $146,360
  • Job Outlook, 2018-28: 11%
  • Possible Jobs: Information Technology (IT) manager, software engineer, systems analyst


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