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12 Effective Study Techniques

Have you ever asked yourself why you can’t memorize a vast quantity of information in a short time? You probably haven't been utilizing study techniques that are effective, and as a result get stressed when you can't assimilate further while studying.

A lot of people believe that studying for long hours are the best path to being a model, straight-A student. They believe that unless they forgo sleep or any semblance of a social life, there are simply not enough hours in the day to stay on top of all their schoolwork, yet research shows that highly successful students actually spend less time studying than their peers do, they just study more effectively.

As a student, it is imperative to develop effective time management and efficient study techniques for efficient learning to help you retain the most information. You really should start afresh with a new strategy, using the most effective study methods provided for you in this article.


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  1. Why are study skills important?

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  4. 12 effective study techniques

  • The SQ3R Method

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