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University of Kent UKAT Ambition Scholarship 2024

The Kent UKAT Ambition Scholarship extends our support to students who completed their studies at one of the University of Kent’s sponsored academies: Brompton Academy or Chatham Grammar. The scholarship is worth £2,000 for each year of study and will be renewed on an annual basis, subject to satisfactory progress. If you are required to repeat a year, the scholarship will be paused until you continue to the next stage of study. 

Aim and Benefits 

Scholarship value is £2,000 per annum for each year of study (subject to satisfactory academic progress). For a maximum of 4 years.


You can apply for a Kent UKAT Ambition Scholarship if you fulfil the following criteria:

  • You are a current or former* student at a school in the University of Kent Academies Trust (UKAT)
  • You are a UK student
  • This is your first degree
  • You have applied to the University of Kent for a full-time or part-time undergraduate programme which requires the payment of full fees
  • You must have made a firm acceptance of an offer made to you by the University before the 31 August application deadline in the year of entry.

*If you are a former student then you are only eligible if a UKAT school is your most recent Level 3 educational establishment.

Please note that KMMS students are not eligible for this scholarship.

Interview date, Process and Venue 

You are more likely to be awarded the scholarship if:

  • You live in an area of socio-economic depravation – IMD Q1 or Q2
  • You live in a low-participation neighbourhood – TUNDRA Q1 or Q2
  • You are a Care Leaver under 25
  • You are estranged from your parents
  • You are from the Gypsy, Roma, Traveller, Showman or Boater community
  • Your parents or guardians did not attend university
  • You have caring responsibilities
  • You are currently resident in foyer or other supported accommodation
  • You were in receipt of free school meals at any time during your education

A decision may also be made in consultation with your school.

Please note: you are not eligible to receive both the Kent UKAT Ambition Scholarship and the Kent Ambition to Succeed Scholarship. You are able to apply for the scholarships you are eligible for and your application(s) will be assessed accordingly, but you will only be offered one of these scholarships.

Kent Ambition Scholars Programme

Kent UKAT Ambition Scholarship holders will be invited to join the Kent Ambition Scholars Programme. As part of this programme, you will receive targeted support throughout your student journey and encouraged to develop your employability skills by being invited to apply to different opportunities within the University, such as becoming a Student Ambassador.

The deadline to apply for the Kent UKAT Ambition Scholarship is 31 August 2024. Applicants must also firmly accept an offer from the University of Kent before the 31 August 2024 deadline.

Application Deadline

August 31, 2024

How to Apply

Interested and qualified? Go to University Of Kent on to apply

You will be asked to complete a short application form, as well as submitting a statement outlining how the scholarship would benefit you during your time at Kent.

Please note: if you are deferring entry to the University, you will need to apply by the deadline in your year of entry to the University, subject to this scholarship being available at that time.

For more details visit: University of Kent website.


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