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Top 40 Scholarship Interview Questions And Answers Example (PDF for Download)

Are you preparing for a scholarship interview and you want to know the common questions? Here is a list of top 40 scholarship interview questions and sample answers (downloadable PDF version attached). If you really want to win that scholarship but you are clueless of the common scholarship interview questions and answers that may arise by the scholarship committee? Don't worry a second longer. This is the right place for a comprehensive guide on how to answer 40 top scholarship interview questions and sample answers. We will address frequently asked scholarship interview questions and answers in a pdf version. So if you don't have time to read online feel free to scroll down the article and download scholarship interview questions and answers pdf. If you are yet to get a scholarship interview, Checkout ongoing scholarships for international students

The article will cover the following

  1. What is Scholarship Interview?
  2. 5 Strong scholarship Interview Questions
  3. Other Possible Scholarship Interview Questions
  4. Questions to ask a Scholarship Committee
  5. Scholarship Questions and Answers PDF


If you have gone to the stage where you are invited for a scholarship interview, then that's great. It means that you are the selected candidate for the scholarship award. The University board would want to demystify how important this scholarship is for you. They want to be aware of how the scholarship would materialize your career goals. So before you can claim your scholarship award, you need to answer some interview questions. We believe you must have been preparing for a scholarship interview. The University will attempt to assess your eligibility from your answers.

Are you sweating already? Don't worry! This article will address some likely scholarship interview questions; 40 scholarship interview questions from the most popular to most unexpected. So let's hit the road.


  1. Tell us about yourself!
  2. What is your greatest strength?
  3. What is your greatest weakness?
  4. Why do you deserve this scholarship?
  5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?


Don't have time to read online? Don't worry you can download 40 Scholarship interview questions and answers PDF and read at your own convenient.

 1. Tell us about yourself!

This is the most popular among all scholarship interview questions and answers. This is quite an open - ended question. In the Tell me about yourself scholarship question, you might be tempted to express a lot of information about you. But don't! The answer to this question is usually concise and purposeful. This is an “ introduce yourself ” scholarship interview question. It should indicate your personality, values, goals (short - term and long - term) and accomplishments. For example:

 Sample Answer:

I take personal interest in people and their careers. That's why I plan to study Human Resource Management and become a Talent Acquisition expert. I am already a certified Senior Human Resources Professional by HRCI. When I am not working, I enjoy reading personal development books and watch history documentaries.

 2. What is your greatest strength?

This is one of the most common college scholarship interview questions, where you point a positive attribute of your personality to light. What makes the answer sound even more impactful is an example of where you applied your strength. Take this example.

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