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How To Write A Letter Of Intent For Scholarship (4 PDF Sample LOI Example)

Do you want to apply for a scholarship and a letter of intent is needed. This article will guide you on how to write a good scholarship letter of intent (LOI) for your scholarship application. Further, in this article, we have made available over 4 PDF sample example letter of intent for scholarship application. You can download the LOI templates and study at your own convenient.

You will learn the following:

  1. What is a letter of intent (LOI)?
  2. Parts of a letter of intent (LOI)
  3. What to not do in a letter of intent
  4. Letter formatting for letter of intent
  5. Sample Scholarship letter of intent
  6. Sample Scholarship letter of intent pdf
  7. Examples of Scholarship letter of intents(LOI Templates)
  8. Conclusion 


Generally, a letter of intent is a document that contains the writer's intentions to the reader. In the case of a scholarship award, a letter of intent can be referred to as a statement of purpose where you describe your plans for the future - while in the university or after, coupled with your educational background and other extracurricular activities to show that you are most eligible for the scholarship opportunity. It could be a letter of intent for government scholarship like a letter of intent for Turkish scholarship. The purpose of this letter of intent for scholarship is to express your personal motivation for choosing this particular course of study.

In this letter, you are permitted to write details about yourself that you believe would fascinate the committee. So let's see the different segments that make up a good letter of intent.


So what's the content of a brimming letter of intent for applying scholarship ? Well, university have varying standards. Whether, it’s a letter of intent for scholarship sample philippines or bursary letter of intent, every letter of intent should delineate certain facts that are very important to fulfill its purpose. Kindly follow along as we explain the following parts of a letter of intent.

  • Letterhead
  • Paragraph 1: Introduction and educational goals
  • Paragraph 2: Previous academic record
  • Paragraph 3: Work - related experience and skills
  • Paragraph 4: Future long term and short term goals

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