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How to Write a Good Financial Aid Appeal Letter (13 PDF Sample Examples)

Do you wish to write an appeal letter for financial assistance to your school? Do you want to secure more funding to cover your educational costs? How can you overcome this challenge? It's quite difficult to meet up with the cost of higher education, especially since the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic.

But worry no more! This article will give you insights on how to write a scholarship appeal letter. There are also great supporting examples that will prepare you to write an effective financial aid appeal letter.

Here is what you will learn...

  • What is a financial aid appeal letter?
  • 10 Good Reasons for submitting a financial aid appeal letter
  • A Step by Step Guide on how to write a good financial aid appeal letter?
  • Parts of a financial aid appeal letter
  • How to structure and format a financial aid appeal letter
  • Tips: What to DO when writing a financial aid appeal letter
  • Tips: What NOT to do when writing a financial aid appeal letter
  • Financial Aid Letter example
  • Sample Example of a financial aid appeal letter PDF
  • Other Sample examples of financial aid appeal letter PDF
  • What to do if your financial aid appeal is denied (Conclusion)

 What is a Financial Aid Appeal Letter?

A financial aid appeal letter is a written polite request where you appeal to the school authorities to increase the financial support. Please note that this kind of letter is composed after receiving a monetary award. You may be taken aback when you receive the letter and realize that the aid will not suffice for your educational expenses. In your letter of appeal for financial support, you appeal to the institution to kindly reconsider their initial financial offer. Not all institutions grant the opportunity to appeal for more funding, but with ScholarshipTab, you can definitely compose a convincing financial aid appeal letter. Follow the next step by step guide religiously. But before then, let's see why you would want to write a financial aid appeal letter.

10 Good Reasons why you should Write a Financial Aid Appeal Letter

Here are some valid yet solid reasons that could make your financial appeal letter convincing enough to incite a positive response.

  1. Better School offers: You may have received better scholarship offers from there schools or have been accepted to more affordable schools.
  2. Unemployment: Your financial sponsor (parent, older sibling or relative) may have been laid off from work or have his business shut down.
  3. Your parents are still paying his educational loan: Your parent might be currently enrolled in an institution or still paying back his student loans.

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