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EIT Food Competition For Fresh Ideas In Food Systems For Innovators 2024

Embark on a transformative journey to revolutionize the Global Food System.

Can you imagine the power of your ideas resonating worldwide? We invite you to channel your entrepreneurial spirit and develop fresh ideas!

Seize the chance to make a tangible impact and be recognized for your contribution to building a future-fit food system that produces healthy and sustainable food for all. This competition is your platform to make a tangible impact on building a sustainable and resilient food system.

This competition is your platform to make a tangible impact on building a sustainable and resilient food system. 

Join us in this quest for innovation, where every idea has the potential to not only drive positive change but also win substantial cash prizes. 

What are you waiting for? We believe in your potential, so come and join us!

In the enrolment procedure, you will encounter a step 'Go to payment and Confirmation', do not worry, the course is absolutely free of charge! Just click and continue and you will see the price is set at 0.

Aim and Benefits

  • There will be three prizes per mission – €1,000, €750 and €500.
  • The three mission winners will face off for the EIT Food Champion prize of €2,000.

At the end of this course, you will have the opportunity to win a cash prize and share your idea with a panel of experts.

You will also:

  1. Appreciate the value of opportunities that arise
  2. Identify, develop and act on entrepreneurial opportunities
  3. Articulate a food system problem that can be addressed by a sustainable solution
  4. Evaluate a target market in order to assess the potential for a product innovation
  5. Mobilise?resources to support the creation of value to the market
  6. Implement actions to initiate the deliverance of an innovative solution
  7. Submit your idea and get feedback

The course is designed to be flexible to your needs. It's for anyone interested in food, innovation, and solving global challenges.

This course is available up to the 31st of December 2023 for you to be part of the competition and get your certificate


  • Open to individuals aged 18 years or older.
  • Only a single entry per person is allowed.

Entry Requirements

  • Participants must complete the first 4 sections of the course. Section 5 is the competition section which requires you to create and submit 4 slides.
  • Participants must have and provide a valid bank account in their name.
  • Each idea submission must be linked to one of the EIT Food missions and must cover each of these areas.

Interview date, Process and Venue

All entries will be judged on the quality of the submission in each of the four sections of the course as well as on the fit with the overall objectives of the chosen mission (see EIT Food Mission Insight Reports). The decision of the judges is final and binding

  • What is the problem you are addressing, how big is it and who has it?
  • What is your solution – what does it do and how does it work?
  • How will you communicate your idea – name, messages, channels, engagement
  • How will it work financially – how much money will you need to deliver the solution and how much money do you expect it to make/save?

Application Deadline

December 31, 2023


How to Apply

Interested and qualified? Go to EIT Food on to apply

Participants have two options:

  1. To do the 4 first modules and get a certificate
  2. Or do the 4 first modules + slide deck and enter the competition (assessment) 

To win you must complete these four modules with a focus on one of the 3 EIT Food Missions:

  • Problem definition – what is it and who has it
  • Solution – What is it that can solve the problem
  • Marketing – How can you communicate the solution
  • Finance – How much will it take and how much will it make
  • Assessment - This is a competition section which requires you to create and submit 4 slides based on the 4 modules above

Our first 4 modules will guide you through the journey of developing a new idea: from identifying the problem you want to solve to funding your new venture.

For more details, visit EIT Food website

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