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Brunel University London NSIRC Scholarships For Postgraduate Students 2024

The College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences are offering substantial scholarships for Home, EU and Overseas fee paying students starting the full time or part time MSc in Structural Integrity (Asset Reliability Management), MSc Oil and Gas Engineering or MSc Lightweight Structures and Impact Engineering programme in September.

Applicants who are unsure of their fee status should note Brunel uses the information they have provided in their application form to assess fee status against regulations set by the UK government. For information on these regulations please visit the independent organisation UKCISA’s website.

Scholarship holders may be expected to represent Brunel as ambassadors throughout their time at the University and to participate occasionally in various activities to help promote the University. Activities might involve representing the programme at internal and external marketing and recruitment events, providing testimonials and/or other initiatives as appropriate. Scholarship winners will be contacted by the College or Marketing team as and when participation is required.

Aim and Benefits 


  1. The full time scholarship is awarded up to a maximum value of £10,000 for UK/EU and Overseas applicants, for one year only.
  2. Part time applicants: a maximum of £10,000. Only part time Home Fee paying applicants will be considered for the part time scholarship, the scholarship value awarded will be split across both academic years, for a maximum of two years only:


To be considered for an NSRIC Scholarship an applicant must:

  1. Apply for and fulfil the entry criteria for admission to the Brunel MSc Structural Integrity (Asset Reliability Management) programme, the MSc Oil and Gas Engineering programme or the MSc Lightweight Structures and Impact Engineering programme.
  2. Must have an Unconditional or Conditional Firm offer of a place on the MSc Structural Integrity (Asset Reliability Management), MSc Oil and Gas Engineering or MSc Lightweight Structures and Impact Engineering programmes starting in the upcoming September intake.
  3. Must have a 2.2 UK Honours Degree or International Equivalent.

Those not eligible for this Scholarship:

  1. Applicants entering a course with Brunel Pathway College (BPC) or who are progressing to a Brunel course from a BPC course.
  2. Applicants who will not commence their course in the upcoming academic year - applicants holding offers for deferred entry will be considered for a scholarship in the year they start their course and not in the year of their course application.

Interview date, Process and Venue 

  1. Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria at the time of allocation will be considered for scholarships using the information provided at the time of their course application only and cannot be considered should their circumstances change during the course of their studies. Scholarships cannot be backdated.
  2. Course applications will be reviewed on a regular basis throughout the year. Applicants must pass a rigorous selection and a transparent evaluation process which includes assessment of their course application as well as a telephone interview conducted by the Course Director(s).
  3. Scholarships will be awarded provisionally on a first-come-first-served basis, until all the scholarships have been allocated.
  4. The Course Director(s) will consider eligible applicants for scholarship consideration before making a recommendation to the College.
  5. The Course Director/NSIRC Administrator will be responsible for initiating and managing all communication with the applicants. They will screen and assess all applications, before carrying out interviews and making a recommendation to the College.
  6. Scholarship awards will be decided by the Scholarship Panel (Head of Department and Course Directors) and will be responsible for producing a final list for eligible awardees.
  7. The decision of the Scholarship Allocation Panel is final. The University will not accept any appeals in respect of the decision made by the Panel.
  8. Scholarships will be allocated provisionally throughout the year depending on scholarship funds available and formally awarded in August for the September intake.
  9. Any unspent funds may be allocated to students on the basis of need and at the discretion of the College.

Application Deadline

June 14, 2024

How to Apply

1) Applicants should apply for the programme in the usual way through the course web page.

2) Applicants should then express their interest to be considered for a scholarship by emailing [email protected] for the attention of the relevant programme Course Director, see below:

MSc Structural Integrity (Asset Reliability Management)

Kevin Hughes and Paula Spence

[email protected]

MSc Oil and Gas Engineering

Nenad Djordjevic and Paula Spence

[email protected]

MSc Lightweight Structures and Impact Engineering

Kevin Hughes and Paula Spence

[email protected]

In addition, the Course Director will carry out a telephone interview in order to assess suitability for the scholarship. The interview will be used to demonstrate eligibility for a scholarship and will focus on the reasons why the applicant wishes to be awarded a scholarship, what the award would mean for their employability or their country of origin. All other relevant information will be taken from the course application form.

The scholarship will be awarded on a first come, first served basis and once they have all been allocated, the College will put prospective students on a Waitlist.

Deadlines: Applications will be considered until midnight on the 14th June 2024.

Late applications will be considered exceptionally for UK students up until the 01st September 2024 and for International students on a case by case basis.

For more details visit: Brunel University London Website.

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