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2024 Zendesk Tech for Good Up to $50,000 Impact Awards for Nonprofit Organizations

The Zendesk Impact Awards are open to registered nonprofit organizations that would like to use Zendesk software to serve their beneficiary communities and help organizations scale their service response.

We’re looking for organizations or projects that seek to make a tangible difference in one of the Zendesk Foundation’s impact areas:

  • Foster community - enable connections that offer support and allow people to thrive;
  • Promote resilience in a time of crisis - safeguard against disaster and reduce human suffering;
  • Create career pathways into tech - close the economic opportunity gap and reduce unemployment.

Applicants should demonstrate how Zendesk’s products will help them serve more people and create more impact among vulnerable or disadvantaged populations.

Aim and Benefits 

The Tech for Good Impact Awards will be providing free software and multiple grants ranging from $5,000 - $50,000 to global nonprofit organizations.


  • The Zendesk Impact Awards are open to registered nonprofit organizations that would like to use Zendesk software to serve their beneficiary communities and help organizations scale their service response. Impact Award applications must be submitted by August 15, 2024.
  • Organizations and their proposed projects should fit within the Foundation’s core focus areas of fostering community, promoting resilience in times of crisis, and creating career pathways in tech.
  • Applicants may also provide workforce development programming and display an interest in Zendesk’s Agents of Change Program. Applicants are invited to describe how their organization or project fits into these areas within the application. Learn more about our Tech for Good partnerships on our website and help center
  • Organizations should display an ability to adopt new technology in order to receive Zendesk software, meaning your organization previously has or is currently willing to invest time and resources in technology platform solutions to improve services to beneficiary communities.
  • Most organizations will need to be prepared to self-install and configure their free software using our online help which typically requires a dedicated IT staff member. 
  • You MUST submit proof of nonprofit status with your application in the "attachment" section of the application form. 
  • Current Zendesk customers are not eligible for the impact awards.
  • Current and past Zendesk grantees are not eligible for the impact awards.
  • Only applications submitted through the application form will be considered. Zendesk will not accept emailed applications.
  • At this time, Zendesk is only accepting applications written in English. 
  • At this time, we are unable to grant to organizations based in: Belarus, Central African Republic, Crimea Region of Ukraine, Congo, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Ukraine, Russia, Venezuela, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

The Zendesk Impact Awards are open to verifiable charitable organizations including U.S. organizations classified as 501 (c)(3) public charities and foreign organizations operating for charitable purposes whose activities are in furtherance of the Foundation’s core focus areas of:

  • Fostering community
  • Promoting resilience in times of crisis
  • Creating career pathways in tech

Interview date, Process and Venue

Applications will be evaluated by the Zendesk Social Impact review committee against the following criteria: 

Programmatic Fit: Applicants must demonstrate how new technology and grant funding will support beneficiary communities and program goals. Applicants must also demonstrate a fit with the Zendesk Foundation focus areas of fostering community, promoting resilience, and creating career pathways in tech. 

Unfortunately, projects or organizations looking to use Zendesk for internal purposes will not qualify for this program at this time (including HR, staff, or volunteer management). Successful applicants will demonstrate how Zendesk's software will help their external program goals. For examples of how nonprofits are successfully using Zendesk, take a look at some of our case studies. 

Applicants submitting for the Agents of Change program must demonstrate an interest in adding a CX agent training program to a current workforce training program list or a desire to launch a CX agent training program. These groups may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Communities historically denied equal access to technology training programs due to their financial status, ethnicity, race, religion, age, cognitive or physical abilities, gender, or sexuality;
  • Refugees or displaced persons;
  • Formerly incarcerated or returning citizens;
  • Other communities experiencing long-term unemployment.

Impact: Strong applications will focus on the desired outcomes of the project and should describe any potential long-term benefits to the program. Applicants should focus on how projects will ultimately generate positive results for beneficiary communities and program participants. 

Scale: Applicants should display an understanding of how technology and grant investments will support program growth. Applicants should discuss any potential challenges and planned activities to address them including requesting support from Zendesk Foundation to achieve these goals. 

Tech Readiness: Applicants should demonstrate their organization’s ability to invest time in ensuring new software is implemented and effectively used by relevant project stakeholders. Zendesk will provide expert support as needed but applicants should describe what team members will be responsible for managing the platform, how staff buy-in will be encouraged, or overall plans on how to ensure the usage of the software for maximum project impact.

Only applications submitted through the application form will be considered. Zendesk will not accept emailed applications.

Applications are due August 15, 2024. You will be notified of the status of your application after September 30th, 2024.

Documents Required for Application

Application Deadline

August 15, 2024

How to Apply

Interested and qualified? Go to Zendesk Foundation on to apply

Organizations must submit an application via the submission form that demonstrates how the applicant’s beneficiary communities will be impacted by Zendesk software and grant funds.

*Applications are due August 15, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

For more details visit: Zendesk Tech for Good website.

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