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2024 African Oxford Initiative Health Innovation Programme for Africans

A multi-disciplinary programme to support outstanding African innovators as they build high growth start-ups with real impact to address health inequality in Africa, improving livelihoods and safeguarding our future. 

We offer AfOx Innovation fellowships to up to 15 innovators who have completed the virtual programme in innovation & entrepreneurship in health, and whose projects offer the greatest potential for successful venture development and significant health impact. They receive personalised, technical support from collaborators in Oxford. Over 300 researchers across all Divisions of the University have expressed interest in sharing ideas, knowledge and expertise with African colleagues. 

During this second phase of training, the cohort is also invited to a week-long boot camp in Oxford. The boot camp offers them an opportunity to participate in hands-on workshops and engage with their peers from their cohort and at Oxford. 

The boot camp covers essential topics for deep science start-ups including intellectual property rights, regulatory considerations, business valuation, fundraising strategies, negotiating deals, building the team and how to run an effective board.  It is an invaluable opportunity for the cohort to stress test their projects and integrate critical technical and business strategy feedback. 

The week concludes with a Demo Day during which participants present their start-ups to the wider AfOx networks for investment or other offers of support.

Aim and Benefits

  • In each cohort, up to 50 successful applicants benefit from a relevant and robust teaching course on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Health for Africa. The training including systems thinking, making financial projections, writing and delivering a pitch, and navigating intellectual property and regulatory hurdles. 
  • The training is delivered through a series of web-based sessions over 16 weeks. The self-paced interactive programme and weekly workshops requires 8–10 hours/week in total. The programme is designed for optimal accessibility and ease of use for busy innovator-entrepreneurs. 
  • Personalised mentorship and support is provided to help fellows develop their ventures. 
  • The programme integrates the use of virtual workrooms for small group engagement and co-creation, so the whole cohort of African innovators learns together, creating an interactive network of peers. 


AfOx-HIP is open to work with any type of technology and in any discipline, including outside life sciences and engineering sciences, to create solutions for disease prevention, diagnosis, management and treatment. This includes vaccines, diagnostics, medical devices, therapeutics and surgical devices.

Solutions with high impact potential that offer opportunities for transformative health delivery in Africa will be prioritised. We especially encourage solutions aimed at: 

  • Reducing premature deaths from non-communicable diseases amongst African populations 
  • Optimising diagnostic and prognostic tests for African contexts 
  • Novel diagnostic tools to increase resilience to endemic diseases 
  • Preventing, diagnosing or treating zoonotic diseases 

Application Deadline

May 31, 2024

How to Apply

Interested and qualified? Go to Africa Oxford Initiative on to apply

Do you meet the eligibility criteria at the three levels: (i) applicant eligibility, (ii) solution eligibility and  (iii) venture eligibility? 

Please ensure that you have read the frequently asked questions above to determine that you meet the eligibility criteria for application. If you do, please access the application form here.  

For more details, visit AfOx website

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